There are some places in the world that cannot be fully understood unless experienced first hand

The North Pole is one of these


To reach your destination is an adventure in itself.  You fly to Oslo, stay overnight before flying on to Longyearbyen, situated on the west coast of Spitsbergen the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago Norway's northernmost outpost. From Longyearbyen you fly in a jet to Camp Barneo a drifting ice station built by the Russians on the Arctic Ocean every year for just one month at about the 89th degree of latitude.

From Barneo you fly by Helicopter over the Arctic Ocean, home to polar bears, and seals, to 90° North, where you will stand on Top of the World; The Geographic North Pole. Celebrate with Champagne and run round the world. You know from the news that climate change is shrinking the ice cap; each year since 1980 over 1.3 million square miles of summer ice cap has melted, see it now before it turns to water.

Return to Barneo where you will stay overnight sleeping on the Arctic Ocean. The following morning you can soak up the atmosphere of this historically significant place on the Polar pack ice before returning to Svalbard with time to relax and shop or explore the Arctic wilderness and the magnificent scenery of Barentsburg, or visit the legendary Ice Ship with a dog team or on snowmobiles

Your adventure will finish with the Survivors Dinner, The North Pole Certificate Ceremony, and a wonderful night of shared memories before returning to Heathrow the following day.


"From the start to the Finish, this trip was AWESOME "

Sir Tom Farmer CVO CBE KCSG DL



Length: 5 days

Cost: £17.650. Nicky Webster

Departure date: Depart UK 12 April 2011


As you can see your journey from London takes you, after Oslo, deep into the Arctic Circle to Svalbard onwards across the Arctic Ocean to The Top of the World - The Geographic North Pole - 90° North


Outline Itinerary

Note: once we reach Spitsbergen we are very dependent on the Russians and weather conditions, so the schedule could vary.


Day 1 - 12 April 2011

Fly UK to Oslo - Time for sightseeing, dinner and stay overnight.

Day 2 - 13 April 2011

Fly Oslo to Longyearbyen where you will be met by our representative for transfer to the Radisson Hotel. There will be time to explore the town and visit the Museum. Later in the day you will be issued with Polar Clothing Kit in readiness for your flight to Barneo Ice Station.

Day 3 - 14 April 2011

After a hearty breakfast transfer to the Airport for the flight to Barneo Ice Camp. You will only need your cold weather gear and some money in case you want to buy some souvenirs at Barneo.

The flight on an AN-74 Jet from Longyearbyen to Barneo takes approx 2hr30mins.  Please note as with all flights, you cannot check in liquids or sharp objects in your hand luggage but all these items will be returned to you once you are on the plane.

This is not a normal flight, no films or entertainment but if you wish you will be able to go on the flight deck to take photographs.

On arrival at Barneo, 89° north, it may seem like organised chaos as the plane is unloaded and loaded simultaneously, but you will make your way to the warm mess tents and we will sort out your luggage and have it delivered to you... Remember this is an adventure.

The Base Commander will give a short talk about safety and life at the base followed by a brief tour of the camp before you board the Russian M1-8 Helicopter for the 45 minute flight to the North Pole. You will spend about 2 hours at the Pole where a tent will be erected to keep you warm and safe. There will be celebrations and plenty of time to take photographs, call home and run round the world. Return by Helicopter to Barneo where you will stay overnight.

Day  - 15 April 2011

There will be time in the morning to explore Barneo before flying back to Longyearbyen where you will have the afternoon free. You can relax and shop for souvenirs or the more adventurous may wish to travel out of Longyearbyen to the Russian mining town of Barentsburg, or visit the Ice Ship by Dog Sledge or Snowmobile.

Meet up in the evening for the Survivors Dinner and the North Pole Certificate Ceremony.

Day 5 - 16 April 2011

Leave Longyearbyen for return to UK.


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